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VpsCity - Your Cloud Hosting Partner

Cloud hosting is the most recent type of hosting that has flourished as a solid choice for many enterprises over the past the few years. The fundamental concept of cloud hosting is that the resources needed to maintain your website are placed across numerous web servers and are utilised as and when they are required.

This significantly decreases odds of any downtimes in the event of a server fault.

Another important viewpoint is that cloud hosting enables you to administer peak loads effectively, without any bandwidth issues, since another web server can provide the supplementary resources in such a case.

In this instance, your website doesn’t depend on only one web server, but more a cluster of web servers that work together and are termed “the cloud”. 

Example of Cloud Hosting

If you're looking for a real-time example of cloud hosting, what better example can someone give other than Google itself? The king of search engines has got its resources spread over hundreds of servers on the cloud, no wonder you've never seen Google.com facing any downtimes over past decade or so.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Easy & Simple

Cloud servers are setup in under five minutes. This simplicity and ease lets you focus on delivering content instead of server setup. An intuitive user interface makes controlling servers quick and easy — securing data, resizing servers, and creating new servers takes only a few clicks.


Cloud hosting only charges people for the resources they use. Hosting costs are measured per hour to provide the most control over the hosting budget. Additionally, affordable bandwidth pricing is offered, ensuring that sudden traffic spikes do not drive up the monthly bill.


Cloud servers scale with amazing speed. You can expand or reduce servers in seconds to ensure that the server keeps up with demand without wasting money on unnecessary resources. Adding new servers or upgrading current offerings is a click away — no complications.

Strong & Reliable

Cloud hosting is more reliable than shared hosting, where issues in one account may spill over into other sites on the same physical server. Cloud hosting isolates each server, ensuring that possible stress on one does not affect another server's performance.


Cloud hosting lets you customise your server. You can specify the server's processing power, location, and operating system, as well as configure the server itself to present your content in the best possible way.

Safe & Secure

Cloud hosting keeps your content safe. By distributing server data across redundant servers, information hosted in the cloud is protected against hardware failure. Automated backups and snapshots ensure that server content stays safe and up-to-date.

Now, let's compare cloud hosting with dedicated hosting and other traditional forms of hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Servers & VPS

When you compare dedicated servers to cloud hosting, the reliability factor is a quite solid case in the latter case, since you’ve got multiple servers at your disposal as opposed to a single dedicated server that allows you to cope-up with any emergencies without breaking a sweat.

However, the pricing varies depending upon your actual usage – in the case of heavy usage; cost factor associated with cloud architecture may be slightly higher, though so is its resilience too.

When you come to VPS and traditional shared hosting, the cost factor is extremely low is this case quite obviously, but again so is the reliability too. In the case of VPS, a single server is divided into multiple chunks, and each portion is managed by a particular user, so the capital investment is reasonably low. VPS is the ideal choice for those who aren't actually looking out for the reliability aspect of cloud hosting.

Future of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has come a long way, and numerous large enterprises have been using it for years together.

Many businesses have made a worthy investment by moving to the cloud, while others haven't yet invested in the infrastructure required to make a transition to the cloud. The main reason why cloud hosting isn't as popular as it could have been being that the cost factor is still a concern for small businesses.

But, one can definitely expect to see more and more businesses making a shift to cloud as new low-cost cloud implementations continue to be developed. All businesses should ultimately aim to migrate to the cloud and reap all of its benefits.

Take your cloud hosting to the next level with VpsCity. Offering leading edge technology, phenomenal response times and the freedom to store and consume data securely.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting

When you provide enterprise-level hosting services, it goes without saying that quality needs to be the prime focus!

VpsCity is a high-quality enterprise cloud provider, and we make use of VMware and deliver extremely reliable cloud services, which are even better than dedicated servers. Our cloud servers are strong and reliable and we are able to supply you with more processing power, RAM and storage when you need it - plus minimum downtime. Our cloud servers are safe and secure, we have put high-level security measures in place to safeguard your content. All our NZ servers are hosted in our Auckland data centre.

Our systems run on the very latest hardware, with huge amounts of RAM and super-fast processors. The hardware nodes run on HP and Dell Enterprise Servers with 8 or 16 core Intel Xeon E5 processors and SSD RAID hardware arrays. SSD RAID provides disk I/O in excess of 1.2GB/s performance. Each hardware node contains up to 1TB of memory.

Our Cloud Servers can be used for Regular Desktop Documentation, IIS Hosting, Exchange Services, Active Directory, Database Servers, DNS servers, VPN tunnels and just about anything that requires processing power and memory. Installed on an array of SSD (Solid State Disk) drives in a stripe configuration to maximise speed. Our high performance enterprise servers allow the users to work on their Cloud Servers at the speed of a regular Dedicated Server. OS Windows Server 2003/2008 R2 or Linux.

Cloud Servers are full virtualisation servers so you are able to install most operating systems from Windows to BSD. Think of Cloud Servers as dedicated servers with some added benefits. We also offer an extremely customisable backup program that is very affordable.

Our technicians are available for 24 hours a day. We don’t believe in cutting quality to keep prices low and our technical support is no exception! Simply log into our Client Area and get back to business with our internal ticketing system. Our specialists will not only help you get everything working, but will also suggest enhancements for your websites and will help you transfer your data to us.

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