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VpsCity's Private Cloud Network

Private, Secure, Sensitive; All words that seem to be tossed around haphazardly despite the massive impacts they can have to a business model. So what is a private network and what does having that layer of security even mean? Let us examine the basics of private networking and cover the proprietary products VpsCity's Cloud Platform offers to help keep you and your clients’ data safe and protected.

So What’s a Private Network Anyway?

Let’s start at the top! A network, either private or public, is just a connection between two or more computers.

The public network is an industry term used to describe the Internet. As you know, the Internet is a giant network of computers connected to each other where all manner of data can be moved. From sensitive, private data like credit or medical history, to less private data like your favourite video, if it’s moving over the public internet, it’s out in the wild. Due to its accessibility, while in transit on the public network we have to rely on things like encryption to maintain privacy. A private network is a connection between a much more controlled number of computers and is usually local to the physical devices. This network is completely segregated from the public network. Data that moves across a private network is not in the wild, it is not visible to anyone outside the private network and is untouchable by any public means while in transit. Because this data is being sent across a separate network, there’s no need for encryption while in transit. The data is protected based on the extremely limited access.

So Do You Need a Private Network?

That depends on your setup. The first thing to consider: private networking requires more than one server. So, for smaller setups or a situation where you’re not dealing with anything terribly sensitive, you’re probably OK without a private network. If you have a separate database server or application server, however, you may want to consider the private network approach. This will add in that extra layer of security while the data is in transit and, as an added bonus, due to the limited access, private networks are usually much faster too!

So What’s the Private Cloud Network, Then?

A private cloud is a particular model of cloud computing that involves a distinct and secure cloud based environment in which only the specified client can operate.

As with other cloud models, private clouds will provide computing power as a service within a virtualised environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. However, under the private cloud model, the cloud (the pool of resource) is only accessible by a single organisation, therefore providing that organisation with greater control and privacy. This virtual implementation boasts all the same functions and security layers as a true, hardware Private Network but available in the cloud: A separate interface, a network segregated from the public network and with extremely limited access, all keeping your data safe and secure.

Cloud technology is an evolution of these hosted solutions, and more and more new possibilities are now made available via cloud technology. The most important part is to create a clear strategy in your organisation which includes cloud technology before you start using it.

VpsCity offers an extensive variety of cloud based offerings covering all aspects of infrastructure, applications, communications and complementary on-boarding administrations all of which are secured by our ISO principles.

VpsCity has created a set of infrastructure offerings that we operate and manage on behalf of our clients; by packaging these services with focused managed services we are able to deliver a full IT service for each customer which is tailored to their requirements.

Our portfolio of web based applications are designed to compliment your organisation's infrastructure requirements with a level of flexibility and device freedom you are unlikely to achieve internally.

What’s in it for the Organisation?

The advantage of implementing cloud technology is the speed and flexibility of provision. Resources can be assigned to applications to match changing demand. Metering and thus billing are most likely performed on a monthly basis (although a daily basis is possible as well of course, or even an hourly basis) and this gives a tremendous transparency in the overall cost.

Implementing a private cloud in an organisation can prove to be costly, so there must be a solid return on investment when start building a private cloud whereas starting with a public cloud means a low investment and a ‘pay per use’ billing.

Is cloud technology ‘evolution’ or ‘revolution’? In the past we’ve seen several solutions based on applications being available on the Internet. Web hosting, hosted mailboxes, hosted desktop or other hosted solutions have been available for a longer time offered by Application Solution Providers.

A successful implementation of private cloud network depends on:

  • Service Management – Service Management and automation are key factors in a cloud solution. Every step, every action has to be consistent, retry-able and documented to keep a consistent platform. All servers need to be exactly the same to get predictable results. Without a rock solid Service Management solution a cloud offering will end up nowhere.
  • Applications – The quality of applications make or break a cloud solution. Applications need to be manageable from the cloud’s provider management portal, but metering needs to be possible as well as elasticity. When more resources are needed the application needs to be scaled up as well.
  • Organisation – The organisation needs to be ready for cloud technology as well. With cloud technology, your organisation will be shifting its emphasis from pure technology to more business driven solutions. Think about maturity, cooperation between the current IT department and the business departments who need cloud technology or the culture in general in an organisation. If people are not willing to adopt cloud technology than technological solutions will fail.

For organisations of all sizes, our Managed Services offers the most cost effective approach to delivering and maintaining your technology and security needs. All aspects of your business operations are built into the service offering to deliver an all encompassing solution. A full Managed Services offering allows your business to focus on its core services rather than running, protecting and maintaining your IT systems.

Using Migration Services proprietary analysis and planning tools our expert consultants assess your current IT assets and provide a clear picture of workloads, consumption and performance. The result is a transparent, data-driven, CFO-friendly proposal for migrating mission-critical IT to the VpsCity enterprise-class cloud platform. Our cloud services help optimise your operation and allow you to concentrate on growing your business. We deliver independent and strategic roadmaps customised to each organisation’s requirements.

Ready for Cloud Private Network?

So! Do you think you’re ready for the Private Cloud Network? If you are an existing customer, please log into the client portal. Learn more about our Private Cloud Network services.

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