VpsCity Enterprise - Grade Resources - Functions of Backup Solutions that Make the Grade

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VpsCity Enterprise - Grade Resources - Functions of Backup Solutions that Make the Grade

As part of this scramble to stay afloat, consumer-centric vendors often position themselves for the lucrative enterprise market by touting their solutions as “enterprise-grade” – even when they’re not. In the data backup space, what does a product have to provide to truly be considered enterprise-grade? It’s one thing to talk in general terms about scalability and functionality, but what should an enterprise solution offer specifically?

The Enterprise Has Got To Have it All

Enterprise-grade solutions must provide not just granular features, but an overarching strategy for servicing the complex needs of today’s organisations. To attain this and help large organisations remain competitive, software and other backup technology solutions must simultaneously address the following key data transfer needs:

Low Impact Performance

An enterprise-grade backup solution should be able to handle data with speed, whether the data resides on servers inside the firewall or endpoints outside of it. Each application that uses the infrastructure takes up bandwidth, storage, and system resources. An enterprise-grade product is designed to enable the business to manage these resources accordingly, and utilise modern data technologies such as global deduplication to get the job done efficiently. By enabling efficient data reduction, global deduplication offers dramatic savings in bandwidth consumption, which means faster backups. By providing both resource allocation controls and modern data reduction technologies, the enterprise has the tools needed to fit the product into their environment, unlike consumer grade or small business technologies which operate in smaller environments and when used at scale, generate too much overhead and impact network and end-users.


Security is a big deal for the enterprise and can’t be fudged with a not-quite-enterprise-grade solution. To ensure that only the right people have access to data, enterprise backup solutions should include industry-best encryption to protect data at rest and in motion across applications, infrastructure and endpoints. This should hold true even after data has left the firewall. Security is key and data must be protected at-rest and in-transit while at the same time not impacting end-users or the services that are being delivered. Enterprise-grade products not only deliver this security but also conduct deep audits to show their security measures align to enterprise needs.

Seamless Performance

Employees and departments have mission-critical work to do and the enterprise can’t afford to let slow networks grind productivity to a halt. To avoid impeding end-user workflows, enterprise-grade backup solutions should allow users to carry on as usual while backups are underway. Low/Zero impact to employee productivity is key, especially when we’re talking about technologies that if not designed correctly could impact end-user productivity, creating issues where end-users may disable the product, or create work-arounds that sidestep the goals of IT and may come back to haunt the end-user and company in the long run. The architecture and redundancy of the of our products were built with performance in mind. Our ability to quickly add application nodes or to increase database capacity removes capacity limitations and ensures high performance in the event of unexpected spikes in traffic.


Your customer identity and access solution needs to be available around the clock, around the world. VpsCity products have been engineered to give high-volume brands unmatched availability - with target uptime of 99.999% and round-the-clock service support. With VpsCity, your company and customers get the reliability you need.

Ecosystem Integration

Enterprise solutions must integrate with an organisation’s existing IT framework in order to minimise business disruption, leverage prior IT investments, and break down siloed workflows. Enterprise-grade technology vendors such as VpsCity understand the importance of providing APIs to interconnect with other systems to allow interconnectivity to automate this type of data transfer for simplifying a complex business workflow.

Global Compliance

Companies require robust data management tools to successfully comply with local, state and international regulations. Data residency requirements, HIPAA, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are but a few examples of the complex regulations faced by today’s enterprise. So organisations can stay out of trouble, enterprise-grade solutions should enable them to efficiently define policies, implement controls, and capture, manage and access data over time. Enterprise-grade solutions are aware and ahead of the curve in understanding the implications of these regulation changes and provide as part of their systems the controls, auditing, visibility and segregation of management over the data to ensure they can align with the changing regulatory landscape.

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

VpsCity’s business continuity and disaster recovery processes ensure the security and persistence of your customer data in case of system failures. With data standards such as GDPR in effect, your ability to restore availability of and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of physical or technical incident is a requirement.

Cost Efficiency

Given the cost sensitivity of the modern enterprise, enterprise-grade solutions need to function like a Swiss army knife, equipped with various tools to accomplish several different tasks. A full-featured backup platform should be able to handle more than just backup by also facilitating archiving, operating system (OS) migrations, disaster recovery (DR), business continuity, and data governance. Solutions that deliver this not only satisfy multiple needs, but also help organisations reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Enterprise grade solutions should be able to handle large amounts of data from tens of thousands of data sources (endpoints, cloud applications, servers) while scaling seamlessly for future growth. Unlike most consumer offerings, which bolt on functionality that’s only superficially scalable, enterprise architectures should be designed from the ground up for massive scale, leveraging such things as object-based storage. Our data centres are located in the centre of Auckland CBD, both are equipped with, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators to ensure that our customer's data is safe and secure. VpsCity uses the latest generation processors from Intel and uses Juniper and Cisco for network switching/routing. This provides our customers with the greatest degree of scalability and the ability to rapidly deploy flexible and repeatable instances in our data centres.

At first glance, many backup solutions appear similar and equally suited to satisfying enterprise requirements. However, as you look under the hood of different offerings to verify their claims, don’t forget to consider the company itself. VpsCity is known for enterprise solutions which are focussed in satisfying all requirements for clients.  Companies choose VpsCity as their solution not only for our industry-leading feature set, but also for our reliability, scalability and security. Since our founding, we have prioritised supporting our client’s privacy obligations and protecting their customers’ data. Our systems have been built to ensure the availability and scalability that high-volume consumer brands require.

VpsCity is the industry’s top-rated solution for enterprise data availability and governance, ranking highest for data governance, security, Migration, and mobile devices support, among other capabilities. We possess the workforce talent, product depth, and customer base to truly understand and meet enterprise needs. You can figure this out up front by simply visiting our website or speaking to one of our many expert staff. We are here to assist you in making smart choices that don’t leave your buying decision, and company’s future, to chance.

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