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VpsCity CloudDrive - Cost Effective Storage in NZ

These services provide seamless access to all your important data—Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, any other digital assets from wherever you are. You no longer need to be sitting at your work PC to see your work files: With cloud syncing you can get to them from your smartphone on the train, from your tablet on your couch, and from the laptop in your hotel room or kitchen. Using a service like those included here means no more having to email files to yourself or plug and unplug USB drives.

Cloud storage is defined as "the storage of data online in the cloud," wherein your data is stored in and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources that comprise a cloud. Cloud storage can provide the benefits of greater accessibility and reliability; rapid deployment; strong protection for data backup, archival and disaster recovery purposes; and lower overall storage costs as a result of not having to purchase, manage and maintain expensive hardware.

If you don't yet have a service for storing and syncing your data in the cloud, you need one. Why waste valuable storage space on your PC or phone when you can store your documents and media in the cloud and share it across devices? Our CloudDrive service lets you do just that.

VpsCity provides you with an extremely user friendly product, which can be customised to meet your requirements. Your tailor-made CloudDrive depends on the kinds of files you store, how much security you need, whether you plan to collaborate with other people, and which devices you use to edit and access your files. It may also depend on your comfort level with computers in general. Our CloudDrive solution plays nicely with other applications and services, making the experience of viewing or editing your files feel natural. Especially in business settings, you want your other software and applications to be able to retrieve or access your files, so making sure you use a service that easily authenticates with the other tools you use is a big deal. 

Web Rich Applications

You can preview all of the most common file formats (audio, video, PDF, office documents).

Desktop Sync Apps

Win/Mac/Linux; you can synchronise files on-demand, access and modify them locally, or choose specifically which folders or subfolders you want to synchronise among your users.

Mobile Device Access

iOS/Android; easily access and share your files when you are on-the-go, anywhere, at any time.

Our Cloud Storage Benefits

It’s easy to see the advantages our CloudDrive solution provides for you

Save Extra Money

Since individual data storage servers requires a lot of space, you save the cost of a larger work space and lets you use that area for a growing business, instead of the growing amount of data you will accumulate.

Cost Savings

CloudDrive's can offer individuals and small companies an inexpensive data storage facility without the cost of purchasing their own servers. The data is stored off-site and properly secured, which is required by many small companies, as well as individual business people.

Cloud service and storage providers offer valuable IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Many businesses can benefit from comprehensive cloud services – hosted applications, Infrastructure as a Service and more – and the transition often begins with data storage needs. Many people reap the benefits of the cloud for personal reasons, and businesses are just now taking the leap. Whether your current on premise data storage seems sufficient or you simply haven’t taken time to consider cloud storage, reviewing the advantages of our Cloud solution is a good place to start.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We are happy to speak to you about the best data storage solution for your business. 

High Security

One other benefit of our CloudDrive is that it can be provided with just as many security features as your personal data servers can provide and, sometimes, even more security features. You can limit the people that are authorised to access your Cloud Storage data or make that completely public, but you control that access.

Integration and Collaboration

Storage maintenance tasks, such as purchasing additional storage capacity, are offloaded to the responsibility of a service provider. You don’t need to carry around a physical storage device or use the same computer to save and retrieve your information.

User Interface

Our CloudDrive storage provides users with immediate access to a broad range of resources and applications hosted in the infrastructure of another organisation via a web service interface.


When you need to increase storage space, it is as simple as a few clicks from within our client portal. You can increase or decrease space as needed. Should a disaster occur on-site, your data will remain safe as securing data remotely means there is no worry of losing backups of your data.


Cloud storage can be used as natural disaster proof backup, as VpsCity houses all data inside a state-of-the-art data centre facility. Our data centres are located in Auckland CBD and are equipped with, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators to ensure that our customers data is safe and secure. 

Do business confidently with our secure and reliable CloudDrive to back up your essential files. Your files are stored in the cloud and can be retrieved remotely. It’s an affordable way of protecting important data. Perform online backups and archiving at high speeds, this provides assurance of restoration of data from any unwanted failure or data loss from archived systems. Our CloudDrive provides mobility in the workflow of a company or business. Files are accessible from anywhere. Automatic sync updates your files to reflect any edits you make in real time. Users provisioned by administrators, with active passwords, are only able to access what they are permitted. You can back up your cPanel, MYSQL server, MS SQL server & Microsoft Exchange data to our Idera Cloud backup server. We use Bare-metal recovery techniques in the field of data recovery and restoration should a server require complete restoration. Support for all sharing protocols are supported, namely: CIFS/SMB, RSYNC, NFS, FTP, and WebDAV. All storage servers are monitored 24x7 and immediate action is taken if a problem is detected.

Since the dawn of the internet, the technology industry has been steadily moving away from local storage to remote, server-based storage and processing—what is known as the cloud. You can reap the advantages of anywhere-access and sharing and the productivity gains that it can bring, as well as the reduction of local storage requirements by keeping your own documents and media files in the cloud.

Advanced Sharing features

Provide the ability to protect your shares by a password, set a time limit for your share, or limit the number of downloads of the shared document.

CloudDrive Sharing

Allows users on different installations to connect their CloudDrives and easily share files. Users on different instances can in practice share their data and collaborate like they were actually on the same server. Supports all major document formats: ​ DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODF, ODS, ODP.

Collaborative editing

Several persons can edit a document at the same time directly from their web browser. Control the permissions within workspaces on folders within the workspace. Your users can see and edit only what you allow them to see.

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