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VpsCity - Your Preferred Data Centre Provider

VpsCity Data Centre Benefits

Improved Business Focus

By entrusting your administrative and operational data management to us, you save time and precious resources that can be targeted elsewhere in the business to help reach other goals and promote company growth.

Cost-effective and Investment Light

Our fixed overheads and highly cost-effective pricing ensure that we can provide you with optimal space and service without a large capital investment. Our managed data centre services cover installation, integration, migration and on-site hardware and software maintenance.

How Do Our Data Centres Rack Up Against The Competition?

We offer security, space and reliable power for critical hardware resources. Let’s unpack that, shall we?

From a security perspective, our facilities have the latest technology and protection procedures in place to safeguard your data against everything from fires to power surges. With round-the-clock security, we ensure that sensitive corporate information is kept safe from prying eyes. The reality is that accidents do happen, but you want to have enough safety nets in place to prevent them as best you can.

Want to expand your infrastructure to handle a new project? And then reduce it again once the project is complete? And want to do so without spending a lot of money on a bigger space and more technology? At VpsCity, our facilities offer customised rack spaces, which means that you purchase the necessary racks when you need them and scale up or down depending on your changing requirements.

When it comes to power – organisations need to have a plan in place so that an unreliable power supply does not impact operations. Our facilities have uninterrupted power backup and are built with state-of-the-art equipment to keep things running even when the lights go out. It’s our job to reduce the risk of downtime. Selecting a data centre provider is a big decision for any business. After all, you’ll be putting your mission-critical information in their care. So now that you know what a good data centre facility can offer your organisation, and how important selecting the right partner is, why should you pick VpsCity over other facilities?

What VpsCity’s Data Centres Can Offer Your Business

Our state-of-the-art data centres across New Zealand and Australia give our customers access to unique services that provide the ideal environment to host content rich and high-density networks. We pride ourselves on being one of the country’s leading data centre providers, VpsCity is able to deliver cost-effective and high-performance data centre services that help achieve each business’ unique strategic goals. We also consist of the expertise and guaranteed support so that you can rest assured that your data is always available and secure for enhanced performance and productivity.