Threat Management and Mitigation

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Threat Management and Mitigation

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence can no longer be simply a large collection of raw data. Our unparalleled combination of data and real-world findings gives VpsCity the most thorough view of global threat intelligence. Our services and technologies use this threat intelligence as the foundation for protecting against all known and emerging threats.

Threat Detection

As threats become more complex and advanced, real-time threat detection (and notification) becomes increasingly important. Advanced big data correlation of our threat intelligence, plus our expert analysis allows VpsCity to block new and emerging threats sooner and with more accuracy. As most cybercrime is focused on infiltrating data, the earlier the detection the greater the chance of stopping the attack before data loss occurs.

Detect threats before they seriously damage your business.

There are newer cyber threats emerging today than ever before. Do you know how to spot the ones that are most likely to impact your business, so you can respond faster?

Vulnerabilities in applications, databases and networks introduce security weaknesses that can increase your data breach risk. But keeping track of the systems-throughout their lifecycle and evolution-and their associated vulnerabilities can be a monumental challenge. VpsCity helps you find, fix and remediate vulnerabilities across your business to put you back in control and more secure.

To keep up, you need to catch incidents early in the attack chain. Do you have the right resources and technologies in place?

VpsCity Managed Security Services can help.

By analysing data sent from your security devices, we can flag the threats that are most likely to disrupt your business and deliver actionable insight to you.

Strengthen your defences, thwart threats and streamline operations.

The threat landscape is becoming more complicated every day. To improve modern IT security, you need services that add to your defences—not to the complexity. Count on our high-availability security operations, with experts working around the clock to help you improve threat visibility, reduce your attack surface and detect sophisticated attacks.

The VpsCity advantage

Finding a partner to trust with your enterprise IT functions isn’t easy. We’ve been securing enterprise-level networks and infrastructure for many years now and have built a solid foundation of success. Our visibility across a large amount of the world’s internet traffic gives us an advantage in putting near real-time intelligence to work for you. We’re not just any experts. We’re the ones you’ve been looking for.

With VpsCity, you can more effectively prevent advanced and targeted threats designed to steal your business, customer and payment card data, while being prepared should security incidents or data breaches occur. Our holistic approach to threat management gives you more operational insight, faster detection, real-time protection and better mitigation strategies.

And because our threat management is delivered through industry-leading managed security services, you can worry less about product complexity, resource constraints, and in-house security skills shortages—so you can focus on your core business objectives.

Our Threat Management services help:

  • Remove blind spots and improve visibility through threat analysis and security analytics

  • Provide actionable insight based on unique threat intelligence

  • Protect businesses from emerging threats through advanced correlation engines

  • Prevent security incidents, yet ready your business to respond if necessary

  • Alleviate the pressures of product complexity, resource constraints and security skills shortages