Does Every Business Cloud Always Have a Silver Lining?

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Does Every Business Cloud Always Have a Silver Lining?

Cloud computing has arrived and cemented its place in the world of web hosting giving businesses no choice but to analyse its offerings and contemplate adopting the solution. Low costs and any easy startup are luring customers in their thousands, but there have inevitably been some criticisms and concerns voiced that urge users to consider a number of factors before investing in the phenomenon.

Should these worries really put businesses off though? A widely believed opinion is that large corporations have the finance to adapt their cloud solutions to meet their needs and requirements but for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) the cloud can sometimes bring a storm. But ultimately every situation is different, so it is important to investigate what cloud computing can do for your business, taking into account your budget, resource needs and security requirements.

Security management, data privacy and performance are just a number of the cloud’s functions that have been called into question, causing some businesses to shift back to self-hosted solutions from the hype-surrounded cloud.

This brings us to VpsCity as a Cloud Provider

At VpsCity, we believe that the cloud is the future for any business looking to make their mark in the digital age. It just makes sense to use cloud services to take your business further. But it’s important to remember that not all cloud solutions are created equal. In fact, the wrong solution, and the wrong service provider can make your migration to the cloud challenging.

We are a high-quality enterprise cloud solution provider. We make use of VMware and deliver extremely reliable cloud services. Our cloud servers are strong and reliable and we are able to supply you with more processing power, RAM and storage when you need it - plus minimum downtime. Our cloud servers are safe and secure, we have put high-level security measures in place to safeguard your content. All our New Zealand servers are hosted in our Auckland data centre.

For SMEs it is wise to consider the pros and cons before opting for the solution simply because larger businesses are doing so. The capital investment required to employ cloud hosting is a substantial attraction, as is the low level of maintenance required. Also, the cloud allows smaller companies access to resources they would not receive from other hosting solutions. These are great attributes for a smaller company, but as with most services and solutions there are reported drawbacks and concerns.

Security is a priority for every business, as problems related to this can cause implications to reputations, financial problems and invite legal proceedings. A common concern for those considering the cloud is that hackers may be able to access data. Ultimately it will be on the business to ensure its provider has sufficient security in place along with taking measure to keep data secure yourself such as hardware protection.

Through using a cloud provider, you also won't have control of how your data is backed up or where it is stored, so remember to take this into account before opting for the solution. While these security problems have a possibility of occurring, overall, it is however, unlikely that you'll experience them and remember that no hosting solution is perfect, but this one is getting pretty close, especially with so many developments occurring on a regular basis.

If a business' website suffers an offline period then it will be down to the provider to fix the problem, which could take a substantial amount of time depending on where the website is in the pecking order, so do consider this if this is one of your main requirements.

Downtime and security issues may be a concern for businesses but overall, these are minor drawbacks and certainly don't counter the advantages of a low capital investment. The "ifs" and "buts" associated with the cloud can be applied to any form of web hosting. It is important to ensure your provider offers resources and services that suit your business needs. 

Our systems run on the very latest hardware, with huge amounts of RAM and super-fast processors. The hardware nodes run on HP and Dell Enterprise Servers with 8 or 16 core Intel Xeon E5 processors and SSD RAID hardware arrays. SSD RAID provides disk I/O in excess of 1.2GB/s performance. Each hardware node contains up to 1TB of memory.

Our Cloud Servers can be used for Regular Desktop Documentation, IIS Hosting, Exchange Services, Active Directory, Database Servers, DNS servers, VPN tunnels and just about anything that requires processing power and memory. Installed on an array of SSD (Solid State Disk) drives in a stripe configuration to maximise speed. Our high performance enterprise servers allow the users to work on their Cloud Servers at the speed of a regular Dedicated Server. OS Windows Server 2003/2008 R2 or Linux.

Cloud Servers are full virtualisation servers so you are able to install most operating systems from Windows to BSD. Think of Cloud Servers as dedicated servers with some added benefits. We also offer an extremely customisable backup program that is very affordable.

Our technicians are available for 24 hours a day. We don’t believe in cutting quality to keep prices low and our technical support is no exception! Simply log into our Client Area and get back to business with our internal ticketing system. Our specialists will not only help you get everything working, but will also suggest enhancements for your websites and will help you transfer your data to us.

VpsCity promotes Growth and Innovation

If you’re considering business growth, our Cloud is the solution for you. Offering instant access to virtual computing, storage and networking capabilities, we have everything you need to evolve your business from a simple startup into a sizable success. Furthermore, as businesses grow, managing these environments becomes more complex. The right cloud service provider will simplify management and make it easier to control business applications, networks and IT systems.

VpsCity is a one stop shop to solve all your cloud management challenges. Want to find the best platform to meet your needs? Contact us today and speak to one of our experts.

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