Elements of an Effective Cloud Migration Strategy

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Elements of an Effective Cloud Migration Strategy

Migrating your applications to the cloud offers lots of benefits, such as less operational and maintenance costs, scalability, elasticity, reliability, security, high-availability etc. But in order to get these benefits of cloud migration, you must have an effective cloud migration strategy in place. Also, you need to execute that strategy successfully as well. Otherwise, you will fall into the cloud washing trap like many other companies, whose legacy IT systems were just moved to the cloud without considering the industry practices or making any effort to help them meet their business goals or the benefits of the cloud.

You must create an effective cloud migration strategy that focuses on the specific challenges and requirements of your business. Your cloud migration strategy must include your ROI goals as well as the specific requirements of your existing IT systems and applications. Also, before choosing any cloud migration service provider, it is very important to make sure that the cloud migration is really a necessity for your business and the solution offered by your cloud migration service provider is reliable, cost-effective, secure, and easy to scale. The best way to determine this is consulting your cloud migration service provider and asking them as many questions you can to make sure that they are willing to understand your specific business requirements, its risks and the opportunities that come along with them.

Before you approach your cloud migration service provider, make sure that your cloud migration strategy answers the following three questions.

  1. Why are you migrating to the cloud?
  2. What are the business benefits of your cloud migration strategy?
  3. How will you measure the success of your cloud migration strategy?

Also, it is very necessary to discuss your cloud migration strategy with all the stakeholders of the project so that you can know if they have any concerns, queries or feedback. This will help you in avoiding the unexpected challenges or issues during the execution of your cloud migration strategy.

What is the best Cloud Migration Strategy?

The best cloud migration strategy includes the following:

  • An effective cloud migration plan
  • Clearly defined project milestones
  • Clearly defined roles of each person involved in the migration
  • A project manager to manage the entire cloud migration process
  • A systematic communication strategy to keep everyone informed
  • A common platform for everyone to raise the issues as they arise

What is an effective Cloud Migration Plan?

An effective cloud migration plan contains detailed information on each and every stage of your cloud migration journey – right from the beginning to end.

To make an effective cloud migration plan, make sure it includes following:

  • A list of all the applications and data that you want to migrate
  • A list of all the people working on each application
  • Exact compute capacity utilised by each application
  • Scope of your applications’ high availability and downtime
  • The method of testing your cloud migration plan

How to create a suitable Cloud Migration Plan

While creating a list of all the applications and data that you want to migrate to the cloud, make sure that you prioritise your list of applications and data according to their significance in your business operations. The best approach is assigning a tier to each application according to its acceptable Recovery Time Objective or Recovery Point Objective (RTO/RPO). You must also consider the regulatory, compliance (such as HIPAA, PII and PCI Compliance) and security restrictions of your applications and data before migrating them to the cloud.

While creating a list of people working on each application that you want to migrate to the cloud, make sure that you know who is going to manage each application and who will need access to it. Consulting the people working on each application before moving it to the cloud and keeping them informed throughout the cloud migration process is a great way to avoid any problems in the future.

While calculating the existing compute capacity utilised by your applications, make sure you calculate the unused capacity of the physical hardware because it will not only help you to determine the exact cloud compute requirement of your applications but also save a lot of money that you would have to pay each month for your unused cloud compute capacity.

How to ensure a smooth Cloud Migration Plan

The best way to ensure a smooth migration of your applications to the cloud is consulting a reputed cloud solutions provider that specialises in migrating applications to the cloud. VpsCity's Cloud Solutions is one of the leading providers of cloud migration service. We have helped many of our clients to move their applications to the Cloud while considering the unique requirements of their business to design the right cloud migration strategy for their applications. We also recommend best tools to our clients to help them manage their applications in the cloud. If you are looking for an experienced cloud migration service provider or have any query regarding your cloud migration strategy or plan, feel free to call our migration experts on +64 9 281 4025 today. To know more about our cloud migration service, visit our website and let us pave the way to your success.