Manage your Traffic with our Bandwidth Monitor

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Manage your Traffic with our Bandwidth Monitor

Most IT professionals know the value of network management, but many don’t fully appreciate the benefits of monitoring bandwidth usage. If you only have basic network management tools without quality bandwidth usage features, you may be missing out on significant benefits. 

Our bandwidth usage monitor helps you understand how much data flows across your network. You can access statistical and graphical information to further investigate all bandwidth usage. Our bandwidth usage monitor can also help you avoid excessive spending and keep you from incurring excess fees, not to mention expose who is connecting to what on your server or network.

By simply logging into our client portal, selecting your desired product from the products and services list on the dashboard and progressing to the “Bandwidth Usage” option, you can effortlessly monitor the performance of your server at the click of a button.

VpsCity includes a rich set of pre-defined bandwidth usage reports that help in analysing bandwidth usage from a range of viewpoints. Detailed bandwidth usage gives better insight into the users that are using your bandwidth. Custom reports let you search for specific hosts and conversations connecting to your server. You are able to view custom reports over a wide geographical range, this provides deep comprehensive insight on all data flowing across your network. You are able to view bandwidth usage reports in multiple time intervals as well. 

VpsCity enables you to enforce a limit or cap status. If you exceed the bandwidth you’re allocated, you could unknowingly rack up significant and unnecessary additional charges. The cap status provides control, perfecting the balance required for your connectivity. We offer you the choice to "Top Up" current bandwidth plans and select the best optimised package as per your needs. The purchase can be completed directly through our client portal. Simply select a top up plan and follow the prompts. 

VpsCity offers you all these benefits and more. We can help you avoid performance bottlenecks, connectivity issues and usage trends by visually showing you where you are over-utilising your bandwidth. VpsCity allows you to better plan and optimise your network for peak performance, something that your users will applaud. After all, when you configure your network to support the correct amount of bandwidth, connectivity and speed are improved, and users have a better, more optimal experience on your network. VpsCity equips you with the tools to help you find the perfect balance.