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WHM - The Power Is In Your Hands

When it comes to cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM), there are often a lot of questions. The software and hardware involved can be complicated, and many people interested in using WHM are at a loss for why they need it at all. WHM is a powerful option that can benefit many different businesses. Here are some common questions people have about WHM and cPanel including the basics, to help [...]

What is the difference between cPanel and WHM?

What is WHM? WHM (Web Host Manager) is an administrative access tool for the backend of the cPanel account. With WHM, one can create a cPanel account to avail hosting accounts. Users can easily manage many a light to heavy sites with the help of WHM. Moreover, one can sell hosting services and manage multiple cPanel with the option to modify, upgrade or even downgrade an account and [...]

Why you should use VpsCity CloudLinux OS on your Website's Hosting

Discovering the numerous advantages and benefits, which CloudLinux OS has over other operating systems engaging in shared hosting, will make you appreciate the compatibility, efficiency, reliability, stability and security features of this software. More so, let us first understand what CloudLinux website hosting is and how it affects web hosting. We always want to strive [...]

Our Complete Business VoIP Phone Service

Now making communication more easier than ever before! Installation - VpsCity will install/replace your existing phone system with a SIP based phone system Management - Our expert engineers will completely manage your phone system Cisco IP Phones - We will provide advanced Cisco IP Phones based on your requirements Toll Free Numbers - Get 0800 or 0508 numbers for your business [...]

VpsCity Enterprise - Grade Resources - Functions of Backup Solutions that Make the Grade

As part of this scramble to stay afloat, consumer-centric vendors often position themselves for the lucrative enterprise market by touting their solutions as “enterprise-grade” – even when they’re not. In the data backup space, what does a product have to provide to truly be considered enterprise-grade? It’s one thing to talk in general terms about scalability and functionality, [...]

VpsCity's Essential Server Monitoring Solutions

Memory Monitoring Memory monitoring allows IT to set random access memory (RAM) thresholds so that they are alerted if RAM usage exceeds pre-set levels. If RAM is consumed too quickly, organisations may find their systems grinding to a halt or unable to perform efficiently. It is also very important for the CPU to access data in the physical memory in the shortest time [...]

Go beyond Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with VpsCity

Since the dawning of mankind, businesses of all sizes have struggled with the expense, inflexibility and annoyance of desktop computers. Every time a staff member comes aboard, departs, spills a cup of coffee, loses a laptop or downloads a virus, an organisation has to hurry to resolve the issue. The good news? Those days are done. We’re no longer held hostage by legacy systems lurking [...]

VpsCity Eases Security Challenges In Cloud Migration

For many enterprises, migrating towards a cloud delivered approach for IT systems is an attractive proposition. Current cloud technology can enable a company to move business critical applications, data, and even desktop apps to a cloud environment. We know that a well deployed cloud solution, can lead to major benefits. These include better performance, more stability and a much [...]

Tips For Protecting Your Personal Data In The Cloud

However, the possible threats to our data do not mean they cannot be made secure. Cloud security can be made effective if proper defensive measures are implemented. Here are a few practical tips, which will make your cloud experience risk-free. Perform Regular Data Backups One of the most important things to consider while managing data is to ensure that you have backups [...]

Server Management Yields the Best Value for eCommerce Business

Price isn’t everything. Or is it? As a business owner or manager, the decision between cost and quality often comes down to you, and it’s not an easy one. Especially if you’re a smaller business working with limited resources, the temptation to trim expenses is strong, and in some cases, not out of place. Shopping with price in mind is important for a small business looking to endure and [...]

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