Our Data Centres

We understand the need for high performance and reliable hosting solutions and our well-planned infrastructure is one of the reasons why we're considered to be a great Colocation, VPS and Cloud Server hosting company. All of our servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data centre facility.

Our data centre is located in Johannesburg which is equipped with, climate control, 24/7 security, fire suppression systems, water detection systems, UPS & generators to ensure that our customer's data is safe and secure. VpsCity uses the latest generation processors from Intel and uses Juniper and Cisco for network switching/routing.

Data Centre Location:

Johannesburg Data Centre, Soth Africa.

VpsCity Data Centre
VpsCity Services

Our Data Centres Designed To Meet Your Business Needs

Our facility has been built to exacting standards and provides a resilient environment with security, power and extensive connectivity for all your mission-critical hosting needs. A wide range of value added managed services are also available.

Built and operated to provide a resilient and always-available hosting environment. We understand that outsourcing mission-critical IT systems involves trust and this governs the principles on which we design and maintain our data centre. As such it is built to the highest industry standards, offer high levels of physical and environmental resilience and are protected against fire and power outages.

Why Should You Trust VpsCity With Your Data Infrastructure?

Our data centres are built on best-of-breed, enterprise-grade infrastructure. And, because we know how important speed and security are in business, we combine this technology with high levels of resilience, super-fast connectivity and exceptional levels of on-site and server security.

Network Guarantee

We guarantee that our data centres will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Fully Supported

Our technical engineers are on-site at our data centres 24/7/365 available to provide assistance whenever you need it, day or night.

South Africa Based

100% South Africa owned and operated, our data centre is located in the centre of Johannesburg.

Improved Business Focus

By entrusting your administrative and operational data management to us, you save time and precious resources that can be targeted elsewhere in the business to help reach other goals and promote company growth.

Power Efficient

We ensure our data centres are as power efficient as possible to both protect the environment and reduce costs. Our data centres operate at a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of <1.3 which means we can pass the savings onto you.


Temperature and humidity are managed by redundant air conditioning systems to ensure stable temperature and humidity. The air-conditioning systems are backed up by two different redundant generators.

Maximum Security

Our cabinets are housed in a highly secure data centres with environmental security and reliable power and data connections. Physical access is limited to authorised personnel. A CCTV system covers all entrances/exits and main areas, with 24-hour video recording, security card access system and cabinets with individual locks.

Flexible and Scalable

Our data centres have been designed to provide ultimate control to manage, maintain and ensure a telecommunications agnostic environment. With our data centre service, you can easily expand your business and relocate offices without any disruption to your data management.

Cost-effective and Investment Light

Our fixed overheads and highly cost-effective pricing ensure that we can provide you with optimal space and service without a large capital investment. Our managed data centre services cover installation, integration, migration and on-site hardware and software maintenance.

Unrivalled Connectivity, Unparalleled Choice

As we connect to several carriers in our data centres we give you direct access to a wide choice of networks for greater choice, flexibility, network resilience, cost savings and speed to market. In addition, the multiple connectivity options that are available for colocation and managed hosting on site are enhanced by our interconnection (peering) with the Auckland Peering Exchange (APE) which offers you a high level of national and international peering and connectivity to the internet.

This is the ideal environment that allows you to focus on your business and not worry about security. We will gladly take you on a tour of our facilities, all you have to do is arrange a time and we will give you a complete walk through.

What VpsCity’s Data Centres Can Offer Your Business

Our advanced data centres and co-location services have been specifically designed to offer businesses with a comprehensive data management solutions that epitomise productivity, reduces the risk of threats, and is cost-effective. Combined with our expertise and constant innovation, we are able to ensure business continuity while finding new ways to improve our offering and green strategy.

By letting VpsCity take care of your business-critical data, you can rest assured that your information is always available and secure so that you can grow your business. Why not see for yourself how we operate our data centres?

Some Pictures of Our Data Centres