Comparing VPS hosting to other hosting types

Virtual Private Server hosting can be considered a smart option between shared web hosting, and a dedicated server. If a shared hosting account is not enough, and a dedicated server is too powerful or costly, then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be right for you.

Comparing Shared Hosting to VPS hosting

Shared web hosting allows multiple users and websites to be hosted under one operating system on a single server. In this shared environment each user is affected by the other usersusage, and website issues. The benefit of a VPS over a shared hosting account is that you will be independent from other users and will have a much more reliable hosting environment.

Comparing a dedicated server to VPS hosting

A dedicated server gives one user access to use an entire server and its resources independently. While a dedicated server is ideal for most users who want the reliability and resources, there is the reality of the hefty price tag. As you know, this price tag is not always reasonable. A Virtual Private Server affords a user all of the benefits of a dedicated server, without the high costs of a dedicated server. A VPS solution allows multiple users to share the expense of server hardware, without sacrificing privacy and performance.

Why a VPS is the best choice for hosting

A Virtual Private Server is the best solution for anyone who wants the benefits and reliability of a dedicated server, and without the headaches of a shared hosting account. The true benefits are endless because a VPS gives you all of the power of a dedicated server, at a fraction of the cost.

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