What is a dedicated server?

Unlike normal hosting plans, which put many customers' accounts on a single server, a dedicated server is reserved exclusively for the account and usage of a single customer. This means that the dedicated server customer has exclusive rights to their server's bandwidth, memory, and storage space, and performance is not affected by traffic and the usage patterns of other customers.

When you purchase a dedicated server from us, you are actually leasing a server box that is configured and set up according to your preferences, but remains at one of the datacenters we have partnered up with. A dedicated server account provides you with a dedicated IP address and full control of server usage and software installation and configuration. A dedicated server account provides full admin (root) access to the server.

You can use a dedicated server for a wide variety of purposes, including gaming servers, database management, and traffic-intensive Web sites. Dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies and individuals who run very-high-traffic Web sites or applications and who need the bandwidth, versatility, and consistent performance of a dedicated box.

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