Factors to consider when choosing a VPS company

A virtual private server is a great choice when looking for a hosting solution that has plenty of power and is reasonably priced. Virtual private servers offer flexible and economical hosting options, and if you are ready to move on from a shared account you may want to research VPS.

Before you sign up with the first VPS provider you see, it is important to understand some different factors in choosing a hosting provider. Follow along this list to help make your provider choice easier.

Server uptime

When choosing a metered or unmetered VPS provider, considering the uptime guarantee is important. Finding a company that offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee is ideal. Since a server relies on an internet connection to display your site, ensuring that your site is always available is important.

The cost: Cost is always a factor when deciding on a hosting type and provider. Within the VPS arena you will find various options. These options include self-managed servers and fully-managed servers. A VPS company that offers complete monitoring and updates to the system may charge more than other providers that do not, but it can be worth the extra cost. There are a number of VPS companies that are willing to offer a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the provided service. Give one a try and if you are unhappy, be ready with a backup company in mind.

The control panel

There are many popular control panels available in todays market. Research and demo the ones your chosen host has available, and decide which best meets your needs.


All VPS options have some level of security available, even at the base levels. The more security options a host offers, the more you should consider them. If you decide on a fully-managed server, the host will usually manage your server security and will overlook hacker attempts and more.

Customer support

Companies that offer around-the-clock support by phone, help desk, and online chat are common and preferred. You can easily test out their customer service before deciding on a company.

Other features

Dedicated resources are very important when choosing a provider and VPS plan. The more disk space, RAM, and bandwidth a plan has, the more you will pay. When shopping, keep dedicated resources in mind since not all hosts allocate resources the same way.

Choosing the right VPS company does not have to be hard. There are many great companies out there that make the options easy and allow you to jump into a VPS without troubles. By looking at the above factors you can choose the right company for your needs. Our list of top VPS companies is reliable and you can start your search for a provider with this list.

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