How VpsCity Backups Work

Here at VpsCity we provide some very sophisticated backup toolsets, with weekly backups as standard and daily backups as an option. Heres a summary of how our back systems are configured and how to get the most out of them.

Weekly Backups Included

All VpsCity accounts are automatically backed up every week. When needed, a flat $20 fee applies to restore.

However many CMS sites have content changed regularly. Those running blogs have new content and comments posted every day and ecommerce sites have regular transactions. Here a daily backup is recommended.

When setting up your VPS or Cloud Server account configuration (right), ensure you select the daily backup, specifying the number of copies required. Most set this as 4 or 5. Any restores from these are provided at no charge.

How to restore your site

Restoration is simple. Just login to your account at VpsCity and under the client area select Products from left menu.

You will then see a list of all the products/services that you have subscribed to. Select the server by clicking Manage button that you would like restored.

At the product management section of this products details page click on Server Backup action button. There is a list of all the current backups on file for the server and next to each one is a restore request button (see bottom).

Just select the time-stamped backup you want restored and it will be done within the hour, dependent upon the size of the file.

One nice feature that VpsCity offer is a partial restore, if you only need some files restored then this is possible too, just reply to the restore request ticket that is created when clicking on the button and request that the image be mounted on your server as a new drive where you will be able to restore any file(s) you require. VpsCity take full server image snapshots when backups are performed so if a full server restoration is requested, your server is reverted back to the exact state that it was in when the snapshot was taken.

Dont forget the VPS controls

Theres also another tool on this page many overlook, being the VPS reboot and shutdown tools.

Bandwidth Usage

Here is also a good place to check your bandwidth usage, VpsCity graph all server bandwidth usage by the hour and this is visible by graphs for the hour, day and month and clearly displays consumption of local and international bandwidth.


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