Why choose a VPS

Protection / Disaster recovery.

One of the greatest benefits of a VPS is the backup and restore flexibility afforded by the virtualization technologies. Compared with a minimum5 6 hour process of a complete rebuild / restore process on a dedicated server, your VPS can be restored in only a matter of minutes to any of the available hardware nodes should the need arise.

Run the applications of your choosing.

Your VPS is a virtual stand-alone server on which you, the administrator can install and run any application you choose. Run your own Voice over IP phone (VOIP) phone exchange or install the latest Microsoft Sharepoint server, the choice is yours


One of the biggest advantages of a VPSis in not beinglimited to any fixed hardwaredevice or resource. Should your VPS exceed the available resourcesin a shared environment, we can provide you with your very own Virtuozzo server and migrate your VPS real time to the Hardware Node. All available resources on the target machine can then be allocated to your singleVPS. All this without any need to reinstall, configure and restore! (Yes, we can run Virtuozzo in a clustered environment too)


Your VPS runs in its own isolated environment, with its own users, groups, processes, files, applications, libraries, IP addresses, ports and routing tables. It is a virtual server completely independent of any other VPS on the same machine.

Along with the disaster recover benefits, you can also create rollback points when installing applications or development milestones and quickly and easily revert back should the need arise.

Share the cost of hardware and datacenter placement.

A dedicated server running hundreds of domains may only use a fraction of the available server resource, leaving the rest to waste. By running a number of VPS on a single hardware node, we are able to distribute the cost of the underlying server over a number of clients, and still have server resource spare.

Updates and patches

Server wide OS patches are applied by our technicians to ensure your VPS security is not compromised. Individual firewall settings can be employed as a pre-configured service

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